on rainy days like today i spent time watching the instagram accounts of affiliates and athletes . here are my favorites

  1. mikko salo : if crossfit had a face mikko’s would be the one . i completly love his old school style , his black and white photos and his athletic madness in his words.

2. hookgrip : i have spent so many hours watching this account that i am close to belive that i am the owner of it . marvelous lifters from all over the world. amazing techinque in every video to watch, learn and get inspired .

3. rich fronning : i mean … come on , a crossfit list without rich is not a crossfit list at all

4.  julie foucher : if i had a game’s athlete alter ego this would be julie.  Julie is a doctor , an athlete , a wife and a blogger . i mean if she can do all that and be a high level athlete i can be too .

Study break = time to get outside for a jog in the lovely #CLE ☀️ @rxsmartgear

A photo posted by Julie Foucher (@juliefoucher) on

5. jackie perez : jackie is the instagram account to watch in this rainy day . funny and outgoing , jackie is one of crossfit hottest bodies too .

6. Scooby : this 55 year old gay bodybuilder is a non miss. ok he is not crossfiter but in his account you will find the best nutritonal advices , great workout tips, cardio motivation and he is so funny to watch . please follow my beloved scooby in instagram but mainly in scooby1961 youtube channel .

of cource my favorites are always my workingout buddies  accounts . so i made a video of my all time favorite pictures of all of us  . enjoy .

stay hungry and be unstoppable ,


my favorite instagram accounts

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